Real-time Watercolor Portrait Painting Process - (no voice)

Chris Hong
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This is a REAL-TIME video (non-narrated, no voice) of my watercolour portrait painting, showing you my full process from the beginning from the block-in drawing to the finish. It is approximately 42 mins long in duration, set to some chill music in the background.

Materials Used:

Paper: 500 Series Strathmore Mix-media sketchbook

Pencil: Staedtler Triplus micro 0.5mm mechanical pencil

Watercolour palette:

- Turner Hansa Lemon

- W&N Permanent Sap Green

- W&N Cerulean Blue

- W&N French Ultramarine

- W&N Burnt Sienna

- W&N Manganese Blue Hue

- Daniel Smith Cadmium Orange Hue

- Daniel Smith Prussian Green

- M. Graham Cobalt Teal

- M. Graham Alizarin Crimson

- Da Vinci Quinacridone Gold

- Turner Naples Yellow


- Various watercolour round brushes from a local Canadian art store

- Kneadable eraser

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Downloadable HD video of real-time watercolour portrait painting process


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Real-time Watercolor Portrait Painting Process - (no voice)

2 ratings
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