Advanced Colour Pencil Portrait Techniques DEMO (From Skillshare!)

Chris Hong
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This is a colour pencil portrait DEMO where I share my process and techniques I use to create my signature, colourful portraits!

It is fully narrated, cut and edited to be one hour in length, and all of the clips are in real-time. Originally on Skillshare, now made available on Gumroad so you can own the class and watch all of the lessons at your convenience! The demo begins from the sketch, so if you want to follow along please prepare and have your sketch ready to go. Happy learning! :)

*Please find a link to the photo reference used below!

Video Contents (in order):

  1. Intro
  2. Shadow shapes
  3. Local colours
  4. Bringing life into the skin
  5. Gradients
  6. Colour wash 
  7. More colour opportunities
  8. Hair
  9. Reducing paper texture 
  10. Adjusting contrast
  11. Outro

Photo reference used:

Pinterest board for refs:

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Downloadable HD videos of the class lessons


Advanced Colour Pencil Portrait Techniques DEMO (From Skillshare!)

0 ratings
I want this!